It's been known for a while that the FIA wanted to introduce all-electric cars into the World Rally Cross championship (World RX). But have stated that a 'source' has informed them that the FIA will require all World Rally Cross Cars in 2020 be fully electric replacing the glorious sounding conventional combustion engined cars. Quote on from the supposed source: "Electric cars will be the world championship. They absolutely, categorically will be the world championship" (very unambiguous) “Fifteen cars are required to begin in 2020. Nine different manufacturers have been engaged in the discussions and negotiations so far, but the ability to buy the required components and build a car has to be open to privateer teams if they want to go that way too.” (Privateers make up a huge huge part of the World Rally Cross championship and affordability is a must). The new electric cars will all share the same carbon fiber monocoque tub as well as identical saftey structures also included within the new chassis package will be brakes and suspension, as of yet the FIA are yet top announce who will manufacturer the new chassis kits and are inviting tenders, The FIA is also yet to announce who will supply the batteries, The motors chosen by the FIA won't be provided from a single supplier, and manufactures will have the freedom to choose which shell they want to use (ensuring they resemble the road going counterparts). asked the 'source' about the current supercar RX championship and what the plan is. "Electric World RX cars doesn’t mean the current Supercars go away." "There’s absolutely 100% commitment to keeping the current Supercars and not just as a European championship, as some form of international championship that can race outside Europe if the market dictates.” Rally cross has pretty much always been a grassroots motorsports event, with people racing old mini coopers to Group B monsters converted for RX on wet chilly Sundays(When Group B was banned RX was a perfect environment for them), I just hope that the new electric series doesn't become a single make championship with slightly different body kits/shells, the other question is will privateers be able to afford the fully electric cars let alone have the technical know how to work on said cars? and will the FIA support the smaller teams ensuring then technology isn't controlled by a select few companies.