Citroen are reported to be debuting the new C3 R5 WRC2 at the Rally du var France, the car will not be running a race number of competing officially but will instead run against representative stage times set by the fastest teams (M-Sport, Skoda), this allows the Citroen team to gauge how well the C3 R5 holds up concerning stage times and current performance.

The Citroen C3 R5 has undergone 2500 miles of testing on tarmac and asphalt surfaces which is essential for the debut rally at Rallye du Var  as the stage surfaces are very familiar to the famous Monte Carlos rally. The test will also help show off the new car to potential clients for 2018.

Yoann Bonato who took this years french title has said the new C3 R5 is "really different" in terms of quality/handling etc making the car feel s though it is in a higher tier.

Yoann Bonato has also stated:

"It's difficult to compare the C3 R5 with the previous generation, because everything is really different: use of the chassis, the engine, ergonomics, you really get the feeling you have moved up a category."

The Rallye du var takes place on the November 24-26 in the French commune of Sainte-Maxime in Var.