The WEC have announced this year's line-up and what a treat it is, especially for the LMP1 category which so many people claimed was dead (well more specifically LMP1-H). 8 privateer teams have entered cars into the 2018/19 super season with Toyota making up the last two cars, totalling 10 LMP1's!! The teams entering LMP1's are as follows 1) Rebellion Racing 2 x Rebellion R13-Gibson 2) ByKolles Racing Team 1 x ENSO CLM P1/01-Nismo 3) Manor TRSM Racing 2 x Ginetta G60-LT-P1-Mecachrome 4) Toyota Racing 2 x Toyota TS050 Hybrid 5) DragonSpeed 2 x BR1-Gibson 6) SMP Racing 2 x BR1-AER Personally i'am extremely excited to see two Ginetta LMP1s being raced, I have been following the team's development of the car and truly hope it becomes competitive. Some of you will certainly be saying "well its a one or two horse race from the same team" as Toyota are the only LMP1-H running, luckily the ACO (as a pain in the butt they can be) have made some sensible decisions this year, looking through the rules and adjusting them in favour of the non hybrid LMP1's. Apparently Toyota will suffer a straight line speed deficit of approx 13mph which will make a difference at Le Mans for sure (non-hybrids approx 224Mph / Hybrid approx 211Mph), Toyota have also had a lower fuel limit put upon them of 35.2Kg down from 44.1Kg, where as the non-hybrids have had theirs increased too 52.9Kg per stint. Energy restrictions have also been implemented upon the team's Hybrids are allocated 124.9MJ per lap and the non-hybrids are allocated 210.9MJ per lap which is a vast difference. Hopefully, these measure's will balance out the field and ensure some close racing in the some of the most advanced and fastest racing/sports cars in the world, and as all Le Mans fans know especially after last years escapades anything can happen, plus we also have Fernando Alonso competing with Toyota which is a treat.