Pietro Fittipaldi, who not only shares the name of the great Emmerson fittipaldi, but is also his grandson will be given a test in the stunning Porsche LMP1 if he can win the extremely competitive Formula 3.5 V8 championship, The test will take place a day after the final Formula 3.5 V8 race is held, and competition is fierce as not only is an LMP1 test up for grabs, 2nd place will get to test an LMP2 and 3rd place will get to test a GTE Pro car. The test's could currently go to any of the drivers in the top 6 as they are all mathematically in contention for the championship title.

Top 6 driver standings Formula 3.5 V8 championship:

Pietro Fittipaldi Lotus Racing 223
Matevos Isaakyan SMP Racing with AVF 213
Egor Orudzhev SMP Racing with AVF 198
Alfonso Celis Fortec Motorsports 192
Rene Binder Lotus Racing 174
Roy Nissany RP Motorsport 174


Make sure you catch the final Formula 3.5 V8 race of then championship, which is taking place in Bahrain on the 17-18 November, you can catch previous action from the championship by checking out there youtube channel. I myself feel this is the kind of thing other championships especially F1 could and would benefit from, allowing drivers who win the GP3 championship tests in a F1 car, or a team owned by the FIA (god-forbid) whom will take on the winners from GP3 and allow them to compete within F1.