The works BMW M8 GTE team competing in the IMSA championship have been given a bigger boost allowance due to whinging about the Ford GTs blasting off into the lead during the Daytona 24hrs, BMW released a statement during the Daytona 24hrs:

"Considering the given Balance of Performance, it was obvious, even before the start of the race, that the two BMW M8 GTE cars would be out of contention for top positions."

"BMW and IMSA have been working together for years in a very positive and constructive manner. The BoP system is an integral part of global sports car racing including the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. BMW and IMSA will continue productive, open talks and have agreed to find an appropriate BoP assessment for the upcoming events starting with Sebring, allowing the BMW M8 GTE to show its performance for the benefit of the series, BMW and the fans."

Prior to the Daytona 24 hrs Alexander Sims explained:

"If BMW develops a car that can go five seconds a lap quicker than the others, the organiser will add ballast and decrease the power, and make it race in the same manner that the M6 did with its competitors," said Sims to Motor Sport. "Its actual outright performance has more potential than the M6; it has been developed with more time and effort, especially considering the electronic and mechanical systems on board.

"With the M6, the weight distribution was one weakness. We just struggled at low-speed corners with the rear of the car because weight distribution was a little bit too forward and we didn’t have enough weight on the rear wheels. In medium and high-speed corners, the downforce would overcome that and take over and become a strength of the car. The low-speed rear end was the problem.

"Obviously, a factor of it being long and the engine being at the front, you’d probably always face that problem to an extent. But having driven the M8, while its still a big car, those problems have been improved significantly. BMW seems to have done a very good job on that."

By the looks of things the M8 just needs more development with the BOP regs that IMSA impose being the biggest challenge for the BMW works team.