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This weekend on the 19th of November during the FIA GT World Cup at Macau BMW will field their new BMW M6 GT3 Art Car, the car's artwork / design has been created by the Chinese Artist Cao Fei, who wanted to convey her feeling's concerning the speed of change in China as well as the traditions and future not only china holds but also the digital world. This will be the first ever digital BMW art car ever created the design is split into three parts, the first is a video exploring a time travelling spiritual practitioner, the third embraces the digital world by utilising augmented reality on the car itself you can download an app (App Store: BMW Art Car #18) and when viewed via the app the car will feature particles of light emitting from it and the third part is a simple non reflective black paint job honouring the cars carbon fibre structure as well as exploring the digital world.

Strakka Racing have announced that in 2018 the team will expand there operations outside of Europe, competing in the Intercontinental GT Challenge and in the Balncpain GT Series Endurance Cup. Strakka have dropped Mclaren for 2018 due to certain issues with the car, reliability being one of the main reasons along with changes in the tyre and BOP, These issues meant that the Strakka cars started mid grid, and starting mid grid can be a messy place to start, you have more chance of incidents with other cars etc, which is what happened, and its not where Strakka wanted to be.

Today Bentley have revealed their new GT3 racing car, and my word is it a beast it certainly looks the part with meaner lines and wider wheel arches similar to the BMW GT3.

2017 has been the best season so far for Bentley capturing the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup which is no easy feat. The new Continental GT3 will make it's first race debut at the opening round of the 2018 Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup at Monza, Italy.