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The Legendary Japanese Ex formula one drive Kamui Kobyashi is to debut in the Formula E championship in Hong Kong on 2nd - 3rd December, Kobyashi will be racing for the Andretti racing team driving alongside Antonio Felix da Costa for the double header weekend. Kobyashi has been drafted in the for the race weekend replacing BMW DTM driver Tom Blomqvis, Blomqvis will be carrying on from round two of the Formula E championship for the rest of the championship. Kamui Kobayshi has reportedly been drafted in to satisfy the official team backer of Andretti racing MS&AD who are one of the largest insurance companies in Japan.

Andretti FE CEO Michael Andretti said:

"We are very fortunate to have a driver of Kobayashi's caliber in the car to start the season in Hong Kong," he said.

"He has shown what he can do in both Formula 1 and WEC, making Formula E a perfect next step."

Source Eurosport

Kamui Kobayashi is looking forward to his FE debut saying its a "wonderful opportunity" and:

Andretti is one of the world's most popular racing families and I am so excited to have my Formula E debut race under his name,"

"I will be going to the race weekend without testing, which is not an easy thing to be honest.

"But the team has been giving me all the support, so no worrying at all, and I am really looking forward to having good races there."

Source Eurosport

I personally love Kobyashi's driving style which was and still is very combative, and aggressive, he has proved his worth during his LMP1 career coming second in the 2016 Le mans 24Hrs. I feel his style is perfectly suited to Formula E as the racing may not ne the fastest but it certainly is competitive and requires true race craft on track to get results especially due to the majority of circuits being held in cities etc.

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