Track limits were a cause of controversy during the 2016 Mexican Gp, during the first lap, Lewis Hamilton cut the first corner after running wide and taking a trip across the grass, joining the circuit still in first place, race control at the time didn't believe that Lewis gained an advantage, and allowed him to stay in the lead ahead of Rosberg.

during the same race, young gun Max Verstappen cut the same corner and grass as Lewis, but was handed a penalty post race dropping him from the podium, so it seems that it all depends on the mood of race control at the time.

The FIA has taken steps to stop drivers cutting turn one at the Mexican Gp by installing 50mm high speed bumps that re on the left hand kerb between turns 1 and 2, then another set of speed bumps situated before Turns 2 and 3.

Charlie Whiting said:

"For safety reasons, any driver who either passes to the left of or runs over the orange kerb sections on the driver's left between Turns 1 and 2, or who passes to the left of the bollard on the apex of Turn 2, must re-join the track by driving around the end of the orange kerb sections on the driver's left between Turns 2 and 3."

The FIA have also imposed further limits on turn 8 and 11, where surprise surprise, more speed bumps have been laid, ensuring drivers cannot gain an advantage if they cut either turn 8 or 11.

Im sure some of you race fans will agree that if gravel traps were more prominent instead of rainbow stripped run offs it would put drivers off of cutting the corner, because as we all know, once your beached in a gravel trap, your race is pretty much over.

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