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Aston Martin + Formula One?

Well Astons Last F1 outing was way way back in 1959/60 the succeses of Aston Martins F1 team was minimal with their best result being a sixth place with Roy Slavadori in 1959, so Aston Martins F1 history is somthing to be desired, but lets not forget Aston Martins Le Mans history since 1932 they have raced at the famous Le Mans 24hrs with 5 wins  under their belt (1959/2007/2008/2015/2017) this proves Aston (ProDrive) can make reliable racing cars with reliable engines, whether they can transfer this to a Formula One power unit is yet ot be seen.

Andy Palmer who is Aston Martin's President and CEO told F1 Report: Abu Dhabi Review, SKY:

"For us it's potentially a new engine in 2021, dependent upon what those regulations eventually come out with," Palmer told Sky F1's Natalie Pinkham and Marc Priestley.

"There would be no point at all [in developing an engine until 2021]. The amount of development that goes into the current breed of engine is enormous, the cost of doing that is enormous particularly with the heat recovery system in the turbocharger and you throw it away in 2021.

"I participate, as does the company, in a number of the working group meetings, obviously led by the FIA. We put together a recommendation as an independent manufacturer of what would it need to look like to attract us in.

"Roughly speaking that is making it standardised as much as possible the bits that don't matter too much where you don't have the competitive engine, probably throw away the heat recovery turbochargers because that's an enormous amount of development.

"What we see coming back is something quite encouraging because it ticks many of those boxes, at least conceptually."

So if the rule's change Aston Martin may enter as an engine supplier in 2021, if I had a pound everytime a company said they would enter F1 if the rules changed id be a fairly well off man now.

After an interesting FP3, Lewis Hamilton sits in first place running a 1:37.627 with his team mate Valtteri Bottas nipping at his heels with a 1:37.900, no other drivers managed to break the 1:37 barrier so we will have to wait until qualifying later today to see if anyone can step up their game and challenge the ever dominant Mercedes.

During the Brazilian GP at least three teams and FIA staff reported attempted robbery's, which led to the tyre test cancelation by Pirelli on the Monday, the World Motor Sport Organisation has asked the Formula one's commercial owners to gather reports of the attacks. Formula one's commercial owners will be meeting the World Motor Sport Organisation on December the 9th.

The FIA said:

"In the continued spirit of positive collaboration with Formula 1, the Council will then discuss the ways in which a more consistent and effective security procedure can be applied at all events of the FIA Formula One World Championship," said the FIA.

"The findings will also be shared with other FIA championship organisers to maximise the positive impact this can have across all motor sport.

"Security is a cooperative effort, and the FIA will seek to work closely with Formula 1 and all its stakeholders to maintain a safe environment for everyone working at or visiting Formula 1 events."


Sadly these issues wont go away easily and i feel motorsports could have a positive impact on such issues by investing money into community projects in the surrounding areas and engaging with the local community in a positive manner.

On Sunday after the Brazilian GP Pirelli announced that teams will have between five and eight tyre compounds to choose from in 2018, this announcement came as Pirelli unveiled the new pink sidewall 'super duper soft' tyre compound. Pirelli are holding a fan vote on what the tyre should be called you can join in by following this link and having a vote:

McLaren have stated that the new front wing which was utilised at the Austin GP this year shows improvement to the cars handling, which was confirmed during the Mexican GP qualifying when Alonso set the overall fastest time in the middle sector, which came as a-bit of a surprise to the team and racing director Eric Boullier. this development is important as the new wing is part of the cars design for the 2018 season.