Welcome back to our FIA Masters Historic feature part 3.

No dilly dallying this time lets jump into the last few championships.

FIA Masters Three hour:


This series is cracking and does what it says on the tin, its a race for three hours (surprise surprise) with some of the most iconic machinery from the the early sixties, well Pre 1966 to be exact, three classes of car are allowed to enter they are Pre-66 touring cars, Pre-66 GT cars, and some beastly GTP cars including the fabled Ford GT40, these races are very competitive with drivers taken risks that truly take your breath away, which as a spectator its what you want (within reason), half of this is due to the series have limited controlled tire choices which are the Dunlop L or M Section tyres, so much like the other Historic series you will see tire smoke, and cars struggling to put the power down with some 4 wheel drifting if your lucky (especially in the wet) and the noise is stunning. Much like the other series the cars must have upto date FIA Historic Technical Passport and be presented in the specification stated on the passport. Cars you can expect to see are the Ford GT40, AC Cobra, Jaguar E-type.


Stena Line Gentlemen Drivers Pre-66 GT Cars:

The series name is a bit of a mouth full but don't let that put you off, much like the FIA Masters Historic Three hour race this series allows Pre-66 GT cars to compete, and i have to say from personal experience that these are some of the best races for spectating track side the drivers push the cars to the limit no matter the weather, watching AC cobras exiting druids at Brandshatch is amazing especially in the wet. Each team is allowed one or two drivers for the race, with mandatory pit-stops and driver changes enforced during the race. Each race varies in length meaning (1hour-2hours) pushing these fabulous cars and balls to the wall driver's to the limit. Once again all cars entered must have a valid FIA Historic Technical Passport and be presented in the same specification as stated on the passport, The teams are limited to one tire choice the Dunlop L Section tires, which again keeps the racing close and exciting no matter the weather. Cars you can expect to see racing are AC Cobras, Jaguar E types, Bizzarrini's (one of my favorites).


You can find out more by visiting the official Master Historic website here

If you do get a chance to visit one of the FIA Masters Historic you will not be dissapointed. I can 100% guarantee it. Access is truly unprecidented compared to modern racing championships with easy access to the pits and paddock meaning you can truly immerse yourself into the sights and sounds of eras gone by.