Welcome to part 2 of our FIA Masters Historic Feature where I’m going to introduce you to the different championships run by the FIA Masters Historic, each of these championships is always hotly contested whilst the racing is kept close due to the FIAs stringent historic rules and regulations, all of the championships have controlled tyre choices, for example the Masters Historic Sport Car Championship only allows Dunlop Historic or Avon A37 treaded tyres, and I’m sure you can imagine this does lead to some very exciting track action, you will regularly see cars breaking traction whilst exiting corners due to the lack of grip and immense power that the machines try to put down all the while battling against one another. The different championships are listed below:

Masters Historic Sports Car Championship:

The Masters Historic Sports Car Championship allows cars from the years 1962 to 1974 with Group 4 Sports cars and Le mans style Sports cars to competing on track against one another, the classes are split between engine sizes and year allowing a truly varied selection of cars on track. As stated above the Tyre choices are restricted either to Dunlop Historic or Avon A34 treaded tyre making the racing extremely close and rear end happy. All cars entered must have an FIA Historic Technical Passport and be presented in the specification that is stated on the Passport. Some of the amazing cars you can expect to see are the thunderous Lola T70, Mclaren M8c, Chevron B8s etc.

Masters Endurance Legends:

This series was only announced this year, and is certainly a welcome addition to the other championships. The Masters Endurance Legends championship allows endurance cars from 1995 to 2011 a place to race once again, these beasts now have new life to breath and i for one am excited about seeing some of these superb racing cars on track again. cars that raced in the following series are eligible for this new and exciting championship: Le mans 24Hrs, Sebring 12Hrs, all European 1000Km races and all ALMS races between 1995 and 2011. Each race will be split into three classes 1995 - 1999 / 2000 - 2005 / 2006 - 2011, each era will be split up into the prospective classes Prototype 1, Prototype 2, GT1 & GT2. the first race of the championship was held in September on the 17/18th at the world famous Spa Francochamps circuit with cars such as the Peugot 908X, Lola Aston Martin LMP1, Ferrari 550 GT1, Morgan Plus 8 GTR.

Masters Pre 66 touring cars:

Now, these races are truly entertaining the site of a mini cooper doing a mustang around Druids is a sight to behold throw in the lotus Cortina’s cocking there inner rear wheel whilst passing on the outside of a corner and you set for a fun race not just for the drivers but for you, the spectator. The Masters Pre 66 Touring cars championship allow cars that were mass produced pre 1966 to compete, the tyre choice is restricted to either the Dunlop L or M Section tyre, so just like the sports car championship you will always see the mustangs and Lotus Cortina’s getting rear end happy. All cars entered must hold a current FIA Historic Technical Passport and presented in the specification that is stated on the passport. Just like the previous champioships listed above, you can be certain that you will see a novel variety of racing cars on track, and sideways. Cars such as the Marcos 1800 GT, Mini Cooper S, Ford Lotus Cortina and the huge Ford Falcon battle it out for glory.

Join me tommorrow for part 3 of the FIA Masters Historic Feature.